APS successfully reached a significant milestone in testing EcoMine Solutions’ technology. As part of this phase of the project, APS delivered a high-quality turn-key solution to EcoMine, which included setting up a purpose-built laboratory and workshop space to conduct PoC experiments, sourcing required analytical equipment, conducting Design of Experiments (DOE), conducting experiments, and analysing and reporting collected data in a market-friendly manner. APS delivered the solution in less than 2 months.

EcoMine’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Researcher Humberto Cravero said:

Working with APS has been an excellent experience through the entire process. They have been instrumental in achieving critical milestones to help validate this ground-breaking technology. APS consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, scientific rigour, and engineering know-how. Their expertise and methods were pivotal in confirming EcoMine technology’s effective performance to remove this invisible detrimental pollution. We look forward to the next stages of development.

EcoMine Solutions is commercialising EcoMine’s novel technology which removes particulate materials from the air in underground coal mine tunnels while consuming a minute amount of energy.

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