We are a world leading company in providing revolutionary software solutions to process industry. We are focused on one thing only: to augment engineers’​ intelligence! We believe augmenting engineers’​ intelligence is the only solid way to build a sustainable industry, as engineers are the people who design and create the industry. Thus, we strive to build products and provide services that make engineers the smartest and the most knowledgeable version of themselves. This is how we bring positive change to the world. Our main product is APSYN platform, which is the next revolution in process industry. Using APSYN, process engineers can build “the best possible process flowsheets at a click”​.


You will be a key member of APS product development team and will work closely with company directors and advisors. Thus, you will be developing APSYN platform. As part of this position, you will prepare product specification for developers, develop and build upon current APSYN engine, develop design algorithms, and write mathematical models for equipment and process flow sheeting and associated codes. To fulfil your role, you may need to hold interviews with potential clients to understand their requirements and convert that to product specifications.



You are a fast learner, innovative, enthusiastic, authentic, and motivated to realize your dream. You love to make a significant impact on the industry you are working in. You have interest in start-up environments and are fascinated by development opportunities that comes with working in such an environment. You have always been well-known for delivering exceptional quality work and for delivering on-time. You embrace taking responsibility. You are a team player, eager to hear ideas, and respect and promote critical thinking. You have strong interpersonal characteristics and are comfortable with building working relationship with new people, inside and outside of the company.


You have demonstrated profound knowledge in any combination of chemical engineering, mathematics, and computer science. You have worked at the intersection of mathematical optimization, mathematical modelling, and artificial intelligence. Ideally you are familiar with membrane processes for gas and/or liquid separation. You are a proficient MATLAB user, and are experienced in coding in C++ and/or Python languages. You are familiar with chemical process engineering and also have working experience with simulation packages such as Aspen Plus or Aspen HSYSY or Pro/II.


90-140 k/year + superannuation

Flexible work location options

Job title: Commercialization Assistant

Job description

You will join a team of two senior research engineers to assist in commercialization of our client’s technology. Your key role is to support the research engineers. As part of your role you will:

  1. conduct technology reviews;
  2. identify, coordinate and supervise suitable contractors to carry out site work;
  3. assist with testing of client’s technology;
  4. write reports;
  5. identify suitable suppliers and assist/coordinate procurements; and
  6. manage lab work.

Our client’s technology is in the area of air pollution control, a technology that separates particles from air with a separation efficiency and energy consumption that is unrivalled.

Professional development opportunity: You will have an excellent opportunity to experience and be part in the transformation of a novel technology from concept to product, with a potentially broad application in the mining and other industries.

Job terms: casual (for 3 months).

Remuneration: $30/h.

Expected start date: Immediately

Requirements: Experience in working in a lab environment. Strong communication and report writing skills. Working with and handling fine particles and high voltage devices is a big advantage.

Application: Submit your CV to info@apsyn.com.au by 31 May 2018