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About Automated Process Synthesis Co.

We are a world leading company providing revolutionary software solutions to the process industry. We are focused on one thing only: to augment engineers’​ intelligence! We believe augmenting engineers’​ intelligence is the only firm way to build a sustainable industry, as engineers are the people who design and create the industry. We strive to build products and provide services that evolve engineers into the smartest and most knowledgeable version of themselves. This is how we bring positive change to the world.

Our Team


Ali Abbas, PhD


Ali is Associate Professor and SOAR Fellow at the University of Sydney in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He is the founder and director of the Laboratory for Multiscale Systems and is Director of the Waste Transformation Research Hub, a national centre aimed at addressing the waste industry’s research and Read More

technological challenges.

His engineering research and expertise is in the area of Process Systems Engineering with applications to Clean Energy and biotechnology systems. He conducts fundamental computational and applied research with emphasis on multi-scale systems resource optimisation and efficiency. Ali is the recipient of multiple awards including the Australia-Harvard Fellowship 2011 as well as the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Fellowship 2012 (Australia-China Future Leader in Clean Coal Technologies). In 2008, A/Prof. Abbas was awarded the PSE Model-based innovation prize (London, UK) recognising his work in model-based optimal process operations, and received the same award as runner-up in 2015. Recently he received the inaugural Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) fellowship for University’s most talented researchers in recognition of research leadership.


Mobin Nomvar, PhD

Founder/Managing Director

Mobin has experienced life in vastly different capacities, as a professional cyclist and coach of a medallist team, as a talented musician, and as an award-winning scientist and engineer. These experiences made Mobin a multi-skilled and out-of-the-box thinker, developer and manager with a strong scientific yet practical approach to problems. Read More

Apart from automated process design paradigm, he invented an artificial leaf for CO2 utilisation, working fluid design paradigm, pulsating solar water heater, hybrid air conditioning systems, and PTFE-based humidity sensors. He was involved in multiple multi-million dollar engineering and national projects as project coordinator and design engineer.

Mobin holds tertiary qualifications in chemical engineering, energy systems engineering, and food industries.


Ned Farhat

Strategic Advisor

Ned Farhat has over 20 years’ experience designing, developing and managing complex, multi-national projects; and steering architecture and IT strategy at an enterprise level. He is also an experienced forensic investigator and expert witness, assisting companies with cyber security risk identification and strategies.


Alireza Shafiee, PhD

Product Developer

Alireza is a process engineer with a great interest in application of artificial intelligence algorithms and architectures. His work as process engineer is mainly focused on synthesis and characterisation of polymeric membranes for gas purification (O2/N2 and CO2/CH4 separation) and water purification and desalination systems. Read More

He has firsthand experience in synthesizing and testing Polysulfone, MCM-41, MCM-48 mixed matrix membranes. Alireza played a key role in maturing the concept of Automated Process Synthesis during his PhD studies. He also co-invented Prenatal Genetic Screening (PGS-GA) algorithm which is an important step toward realizing self-learning AI systems. Apart from chemical engineering, he has experiences in IT field as a computing analyst and technical analyst.

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